Saturday, June 11, 2011


My weekend is all about organizing.  I have been working on organizing all my genealogy files on my computer, this includes hundreds of pictures and files.  So far so good.  Everthing is organized under the four main surnames and then I just need to go in and organize each of those files now.  All my paper files and printed pictures are organized.  Soon it will be time to start scrapping my family history albums.

I worked in my garden this morning weeding, edging and organizing plants, getting the beds ready for the mulch that will arrive on Monday.  So far the front yard garden beds (4 in total) are 100% ready.  One of the garden beds in the backyard is ready but the smaller memory garden and the huge garden bed in the back still need a lot of work before they will be ready.  I will post pictures when everything is done. 

We are also getting ready to have a garage sale next Saturday weather permitting of course.  So there are organized piles of stuff ready to go all over my house.

I have been working on organizing my Pinterest boards (my newest addiction) My Boards Here  I love flipping through all the inspiration and I have just finised pinning all my favourite cards from my google reader.  Next I want to pin my fave layouts.

Finally I would really like to make an index of all my stamps and after watching This Video I think I now have a plan in mind.  I will share once I am finished.

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Tracy said...

I am envious of you with all this family history you have.
I have been slowly working on a heritage album for years. But it seems everyone passed away so young, no one remembers anything :(