Saturday, April 9, 2011

Colouring Practice

I have been practicing my colouring with my Prismacolor pencils trying out different colour combos for hair and skin.  I thought I would share what I have been working on.  I still have to work on blending more smoothly and the placement of my highlights but I like the colour combos I used for hair and I think I have found a skin colour combo I am happy with.  The digi image is Forever Rose from Crafts and Me and is a great image for practicing colouring with.

Hair: Dark Brown, Light Umber, Putty Beige and Dark Umber
Skin: Light Peach, Peach Beige, Beige Sienna and Pink and Blush Pink on her cheeks
Eyes: Apple Green and Grass Green

I find the skin a bit too dark on this  one but I like the colours used on her cheeks.  The greens are my favourites for green eyes, I love the brightness.

Skin: Light Peach, Peach and 50% French Grey
Hair: Jasmine, Yellow Ochre, Goldenrod, Chocolate (shadow)
Eyes: Carribean Sea and Blue Lake

I don't like the French Grey for the shadow, too much contrast.  The yellows allow for a nice golden blonde hair colour.  Not my favourite combo for blue eyes, they aren't bright enough.

Skin: Seashell Pink, Peach, Biege Sienna
Hair: Goldenrod, Mineral Orange, Pumpkin Orange, and Burnt Ochre
Eyes: Light Umber and Chocolate

I love this hair colour, it has to be one of my favourites.  I like the skin colour combo and the eyes on this one.

Skin: Seashell Pink, Peach, Beige Sienna
Hair: Black, 90%, 70%, 50% Cool Grey and Blue Violet
Eyes: Peacock Blue and Non Photo Blue

I find black hair really difficult to colour but I think it turned out pretty well and I like my placement of the highlights on this one.  I really like the blues I used for her eyes.

I did blend all my colouring with blending stumps and odourless mineral spirits.  If you have any helpful tips of suggestions I would love to hear them.


Kathy said...

Wow!!! Your coloring is absolutely beautiful! I cannot even begin or hope to color even half that good. I think I failed coloring in kindergarten because I was too sloppy. LOL! Your work is awesome:)

Tracy said...

These are all so stunning, just beautiful.
I love every one of them, but think my favourite is the last one and the red haired one.
I am blown away by your shading....hopefully one day I will get this good.

hilde janbroers said...

wow!! so beautiful!!

Staci said...

Beautiful images! TFS!